OSSANZ Conference Presentations 2012 – Darwin

o   Transgastric Reversal Of VBG – just one cut Aly A

o   Vitamin D in Bariatric Surgery Green C, Sammut F, Aly A.

o   A Multidisciplinary Team Lisle S, Aly A.

OSSANZ Conference Presentations 2013 – Sanctuary Cove

o   Obesity & Cancer Risk Aly, A

o   The Great Debate – Why endobarrier is the only option Aly, A

o   Bariatric Surgery & Pregnancy: Guidelines Sammutt, F, Bhatia K.

IFSO 2013 (Istanbul)

  • The Single Port Transgastric Technique For Reversal Of Gastric Stapling Aly A


o   Laparoscopic Gastrectomy: How I Do It Aly A.

o   Transgastric Resection Of GIST : Early Results Aly A, Bhatia K, Sweeney T.

o   Improving patient flow for Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding in a public hospital

o   Lim K, Stiven P, Asmawi M, Watson L, Aly A.

o   Transgastric Laparoendoscopic Mucosal Resection Of Early Gastric Cancer Aly A

o   Re-Interpretation of Radiological Findings In The Setting of Upper GI Cancer Multidisciplinary Meetings: Impact and Clinical Significance Lim K. , Aly A.

o   Laparoscopic D2 lymphadenectomy for gastric cancer: Is it feasible in Australasia? Bhatia K.

o   The practice of pyloroplasty at oesophagectomy: how many of us still do this? Why and how? Bhatia K.

AGW / Federation Meeting, Melbourne 2013

o   Surgery For Gastroparesis Aly A

o   Applications of Transgastric Surgery Aly A

IsDEAS Meeting 2013

o   Giant Leiomyoma Aly A

o   An Unusual Case of Hiatal Hernia Bhatia K, Aly A

o   Reinterpretation of Radiology In The MDT Setting Lim K, Aly A


  • Tips For Sleeve Gastrectomy

RACS 2014

  1. Bariatric Emergencies

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